I moved to Atlanta in 1984 from Louisville, KY and have been here ever since. Like many I have been through my share of ups and downs. But all in all
"Its all Good".
About Trent!
I do want to say thank you to the members of the original band Mcfly, who have gone on to form different bands now. You all were so helpful in getting me back into the music scene. I thank you!
Brent, Ricky, Bambi, Nikki & Souman. You all are awesome.
I love you guys. Good luck to you all in every aspect of your music and in your life!
I have been blessed with the greatest two things to ever come into my life-
my pride and joys!
My wonderful daughters!

Jordan and Lindsay!
I was in a Band called

when I was younger.
Check out the pics I have on this page. I Moved to Atlanta and quit
playing my drums for over 20 years. Although I do not play any more
other than in my living room, I have been involved with the music
scene for many years now. I have really enjoyed meeting some of the
most talented musicians around. I have never stopped loving music!
I love you Girls!
Going out with friends and listening to a good live band perform is awesome and I'm pleased to let you know about some of the greatest ones around. Atlanta! Get out and catch a show soon!
Trent's Music Notes
I hope you will enjoy my site and that you will check out a show soon!
Visit often and tell others about my site.
TMN on My Space http://www.myspace.com/wtb9361
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