Drummers Page
Jack Jones
A Working Drummer Around Atlanta. Jack teaches at the Atlanta Institute of Music. I have seen
Jack play a few times in the Jams at North End and thought hey this guy sounds ok. After Seeing him at Tavern on the Bridge playing with Andrew Black and the Believers I was wrong :) Jack is now with the Mike Veal Band and doing a great job with them.
Theron Peterson is awesome I had seen Theron for several Months at the North End. Theron was a big part of the Blues jams on Sundays at the North End Pub. I recently seen Theron play at the North End and he is Great.
Sean O'rourke
Sean is FANTASTIC! one of the Greatest Drummers out there if you have not had a chance to
see him make sure you get to a show. You will be amazed. Check his site out at http://www.seanorourke.com Sean you rock my friend!!!!
Marcus Petruska
Awesome Drummer and great person! I had my first chance to meet and see Marcus at the North End and really thought he could be one of the top Drummers around.Marcus is awesome by far one of my top picks. If you are a drummer and have not seen him you should!
Soumen played for several Years with Mcfly and rocked us out with many 80 tunes. Together with Nikki Lixx they formed Lixx Band still 80's but a differnt format. Soumen is now with a band on a cruise line an is awesome..
Danny Belli with Mad Margritt
Heavy Hitter check Danny and the band at http://www.madmargritt.com/
Jimmy Mouton
Jimmy is a great drummer and always performs fantastic for
whom ever he is playing with.
Any time you see him play you will enjoy. He always seems to be enjoying himself.
Jimmy you rock big time keep up the great job your doing!
Simone Simonton Drummer for SOUTH 70
Simone Simonton, drummer and songwriter, moved to Atlanta from Southern Illinois to pursue that
passion. Simone quickly planted her feet in the Atlanta music scene as a dynamic recording and touring drummer, while also diligently working to hone her songwriting skills. Simone collaborated with various songwriters until finding the perfect match with singer and songwriter Geoff Reid, and the foundation for a rockin’ Georgia country band was formed. SOUTH 70
Katie Herron is the drummer for Michelle Malone and has some great chops. Looking forward to seeing her perform live. I Have heard her and seen her on several videos and know she is well worth the shout out for sure. Katie keep on groovin my friend.
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