entertainer of The Month!
Congratulations Karen You are Trent's Music Notes Entertainers of the Month
Photos by TMN approved by Karen Waldrup
Friday Night October 26th 2018 at Madlife Studios in Wood Stock GA!
We went to see this talented individual. I had been seeing her post on Facebook and really enjoyed her videos and shared them each time she posted. I had made metnion of Karen Playing in Wood Stock and that I wanted to go see her.
Lynn got us tickets and we went to see her. OMG! I was so impressed with this entire group. Complete Joy to watch and Hear. We had a wonderful Time and got to meet Karen afterward. So down to Earth and on stage you can feel the high energy and fun that she is having and it shows in her performance. The entire band was in sync and sounded fantastic. Chris on The Sax has a great!
What a great band to go and see. Well worth checking them out.
I bought the CD Justified! Friday at the Show havent stopped listening
to it. If you haven't heard JUSTIFIED here is your chance. click the cd
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Justified is Awesome "Slow and Easy" Is one of my Favorites
I'm happy to have met this wonderful Talent and am Proud to Include her on my site